Saturday, January 8, 2011

it's getting harder now!

ok,this is a story of a girl named WHITE..
she is an ordinary girl..
studying in a place of a course she slightly liked..
so,she wished to stay there ordinarily without making any outstanding achievement..

however,out in a blue she was selected to be an ah long (treasurer) for her class..
she didn't like it but what can she do?she was elected..*sigh*
1year seem soo long for her to hold the position..
and she had swear to never hold the position again..
well,even her classmates fed up with her asking-money attitude..
unmanner..?that's the best word i think..hmmm
however,undeniable that with that attitude she was able to collect all the money from her stubborn classmates.
if she ever be a soft money collector,I don't think she'll ever make it..haha
ok,1 year passed..
she was promised that no more that position for me..
and damn she was happy!..

well,not that happy eventually,-.-
after class was reshuffled,no more that promise..T_T
recklessly she was elected as class attendance holder..
which means,she will tick her classmates attendance in every session and take sign from lecturers..
damn!she prefer collecting money!
oh,someone volunteer to be treasurer already..='(
now,she is an ATTENDANCE GIRL..=.="

she and her coursemates were having election,
who's gonna be the president,vice-president,secretary and treasurer..
having to consider that she is non-popular girl,she is pleased..
but,the happiness not quite like her..
she was elected (recklessly) to be the treasurer!
damn again.


she even had HEADACHE holding her 19-members-class fund..
to hold 57-members-cohort fund?she'll be dead at the end of first semester..

i really hope that this post will only beholded for 1 semester..
not 4years..
now,she is COHORT TREASURER..='(

p/s-that SHE is ME

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