Sunday, January 9, 2011

yes,i'm korean what?

again,yes,i'm korean maniac..
so what?
i don't disturb u..
i never forced u to come and read all the damn essays here..
i never go to yr site and say "hey,read my blog!"..or "hey,i followed u,please do follow me!".
well,kind-heartedly i do follow u thinking that we'll be friends..
but yeah,at the end of the day,we only ended up as blog follower and i don't even know u'd changed yr blog link..and so do mine..(in which i never will)

so please,if u don't like me then back off..
if u don't like to see how crazy i am to kpop,back off..kindly unfollow me..
u may not want to see my friends..
who is crazier than me..

i'm not a scary girl..
i love to make friends but if u think that u're not that friendly,
please never ask me to follow yr blog..

1 comment:

Kiwi said...

Im a korean maniac too!:D
Lets be friends:)