Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cacatan Jelajah Malaysia Day 6-Kedah,Perlis

what can i say...nothing much..
bcoz we only travel from KL-Perlis
but along kuala selangor..
perrgghh!!!..damn far!
the journey which nvr take more than 6 hours,turned out to be 12 hours!
the scenery was superb!
since it's in country side,,
many citizens land are used as much as possible..
i believe they got lots of profit from their land..
i can tell how big the area of banana plant there..
not to forgot sugarcane plantation and sawit..
and the road is not as bad as in my place..=.="
the currently renovating road,(the road chosen to be renovated) was much better than in my place..
imagine how high their standard is..hmmm...
anyway,in teluk intan if i'm not mistaken,
we found a place selling unique things!
go-kart,unique bicycle,

(ahh,,aku dah mls nk citer...CUT!)

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