Saturday, January 15, 2011

SME plans exposed?

Be alert of SM's intentions !

After a long time observing recent chaotic events , I found out SM Ent.'s true intention , especially recent events have some hidden intervention that we do not know . Although this is only my own thoughts, but through the experience of previous groups have similar cases ( H.O.T ) , I think my guess is possibly true .

First , remember the first days JYJ filed SM . That day , not only K-Cassiers but also international Cassiers did their best to support JYJ . There were big waves against SM , SM's stocks went down significantly and so its reputation . So SM realized that going against TVXQ's huge fanbases is very impolitic .

SM realized the power of TVXQ lies in unity and faith between their fans :
1. The faith and emotions between 5 members .
2. Cassiers' faith in 5 members and their unity .

SM realized that , then it chose another wiser counter-tactic , you can say - more malicious .

1st step : ( In the last 2 years )

It laid low , waiting for the objections are settled down , plus , the more time passes , the more doubts are raised . Though it wasn't public , we know that SM limited the communications between 5 members as well as not letting HoMin say anything about the lawsuit . It's the seed of the doubt between everyone .

At that time , though SM used its influences in the entertainment industry to limit JYJ's activities , it was very prudent , it didn't want to raise any more opposite waves .

2nd Step : ( current stage )

Knowing that it can't prevent JYJ's influence in the country , SM moved to the 2nd step : Strongly divide the unity between fans and the members .

When I first heard that JYJ could perform on TV , I was very happy . But think again about it , why there was that change...Of course it's because JYJ's popularity af first , but there was SM's careful calculation behind it . JYJ performed at the time HoMin's single was ready to be released , so there would be more attentions toward both JYJ and HoMin . Fans discussed about their activities , and the " already-divided " fans + anti fans , even people who was hired by " somebody " will create fanwars , making the situations worse .

Even HoMin's album title was calculated carefully . By promoting their album this time , SM made it with 1 stone killing 2 birds : not only making best profit from HoMin but also creating misunderstandings between JYJ and HoMin , especially the fanbases . SM also attacked the faith in TVXQ's fans by announcing TVXQ's fanclub will be only for HoMin's fans . HoMin couldn't say anything about this , deepen the misunderstanding between them . Maybe there's also a possibility that SM's lying to HoMin , just like what they did to H.O.T's leader Moon Heejun and Kangta .

3rd step :

SM tries to create an image of 5 members against each other , Once it can divide the fanbases , any criticism from fans will not be toward SM but JYJ or HoMin . Then SM will try to " persuade " HoMin by any ways ( with HoMin are too tired of the case ) to continue their contract . SM - offically not being assigned to the criminal slave contract anymore because it was HoMin's decision ( they can't be lucid anymore because of information lacking ) . Then , if HoMin can earn more profits for SM , they will be promoted more , otherwise , they will be...There won't be turning back for HoMin then when they find out they were used , deceived . Of course , JYJ's activities still limited , even ruined , just like a chain-reaction .

So , SM's plan is completed . It can get rid of its eyesore without bad reputation . It will be the fans who hurt and ruined their idols , SM is only the catalyst .

And , like what we see in current situation , it's very sad that K-Cassiers fell into SM's trap , only we international Cassiers remain . Fans and 5 members' strenght is our unity and supports , so , in this hard time , we must unite , and always keep our faith in the members .

This post is only for showing SM's true intention . Maybe you are asking why JYJ and HoMin don't realize this , but we are only outsiders , we have more objective and more conscious viewpoints . Plus , even if JYJ know SM's intention when it let them perform on Korean stages , they will still accept it , because it's their rare opoturnity to perform in their homeland . About HoMin , they are singers , so their places are the stages and sing . If they don't continue , they can't move forward and be forgotten . So we fans must be very conscious not to fell into SM's trap . Anyway , SM is still a big company , it knows clearly about fans' thoughts and can take advantage of them to against us .

Always Keep the Faith in 5 of them !!!!!!!

I really want to tell all about this to K-Cassiers but I don't know Korean and don't know any Korean , can anybody help ?

Source : 360Kpop
credit: google doc


i really dunnoe what i feel right now..
for some reason i feel that we cannot point out to anyone yet..
yes,we knew the truth about slavery contract..
that's why these chaos happen,
but we are miles away,
making judgement from what we saw is not always correct..
we should know what happen in korea itself..
why k-cassie gave up so soon..
why didn't they be with us..
we know that they also love them and probably stronger than we do..
but why?
i'm wondering if k-cassie refuse to share or they knew something that we don't
again,because we are mileSS away..
so,i think,it's better to set back n relax waiting for 18/1/11 to come.