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it's compulsory for cassies to read this.

This is going to be a damn long entry, not for the faint heart laughing ......HOW THE HELL DID THINGS GET TO THIS POINT??!!!censored *takes a deep breath* I wtf is wrong with Cassiopeia and DBSK? I don't even know where to WTF. Ok ok ok, I'm probably repeating myself but like WTF??? If you have been keeping up with DBSK news, then you are probably sitting there like me saying WTF?! yea...I know, it's crazy right?shocked Anyways, before I waste this whole entry venting, I better get started on what I'm going to talk about today.
1) JYJ had finally expressed their opinion on the lawsuit, SM and HoMin through a few interviews at the end of December. They were probably the best interviews and the most down to earth or heartfelt confessions I have ever heard from them ever since the lawsuit.
2) Junsu's depressing twitter messages (towards Yunho)  yesterday caused great distress and misery in the fandom world (not like Cassies weren't depressed to start off with )
3) Ok I'm trying to remain seated while writing this one...Cassiopeia in Korea held meetings and decided to SPLIT into two sides. JYJ= Orion and HoMin(DBSK)= HolyShinki (can I just add for the laugh of it...someone said that the names sound more like onion and holyshit *excuse my language*) let's get to the first point. I was so excited to hear that JYJ had the desire to reunite with HoMin (they are open to the possibility!)

Question 1. A TVXQ reunion is possible : O 
Though they have never mentioned the possibility of a TVXQ reunion since they began their independent activities, it is the subject that 800,000 Cassiopeia (TVXQ’s fanclub) have been most curious about. Though JYJ seemed taken aback at first, they confessed that, “We haven’t had a chance to talk about it (a reunion), because we’ve never had anyone actually ask us about it.” Jaejoong said, “We want a reunion to happen. But that is only our will, there are so many difficult aspects to the situation. As there are so many things we can’t change…
Question 2. The establishment of a two-member TVXQ, honestly, we’re sad about this : O 
SM recently announced that, “U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, will form a two-member TVXQ, release a new song on January 5th and make a comeback.” What do JYJ think about this? Yoochun confessed that, “There is a side of us that is sad about this.” Because the team’s name was about the three members had worried about and discussed the most when they were creating their new team. But he added that, “But this is a decision that was made by SM. I’m sure that in their hearts, the two members are also feeling uncomfortable about this and are having a hard time because of it. But the decision has been made, so I hope all goes well for them.”
Jaejoong also added that, “Though we do feel a little sad that the two members are going to make a comeback as TVXQ, we are thankful that they didn’t say that TVXQ is now gone. We’re going to support the two members’ comeback.”
 Question 3. But we will still be TVXQ eternally : 0
Though they are physically apart, their hearts are still one. Jaejoong stated, “Regardless of whether or not they are using the name now, even if the team name disappeared, we are still TVXQ. It was during our time as TVXQ that we shone the most and gave it our all. That is something that no one can deny.
He continued to explain that, “We didn’t work hard to see who could do better between them and us. We worked hard with all our might because we felt that we should be successful enough as to not disgrace the name of TVXQ,” and “Though we have come to such a situation due to our problems with the agency, we are still members of TVXQ. The three of us alone cannot be TVXQ. Cassiopeia was created because they loved TVXQ as a whole, not because they loved individual members.”
During an interview with Money Today Star News, JYJ expressed, “It’s disappointing for TVXQ to promote as two separate teams. It might be frustrating right now, but we want each other to do well.”
It was recently reported that Yunho and Changmin will be releasing their first track after a two year, three-month hiatus under ‘TVXQ’ this coming January. However, Yoochun emphasized, “It’s still the same now, but all five are TVXQ members. Right now it’s not about who gets to use the TVXQ name that’s important.”
Junsu added, “It’s complicated and disappointing for us too, but I believe that we’re both about the same. Even though there is an inevitable wall between us, we both still need to continue on with activities without shame.”
Lastly, Star News asked, “Is there any possibility for TVXQ to get back together?” All three JYJ members stated, “If it is a problem we can solve ourselves, then we would solve it right now. We’re always open for the possibility.
Sooo after reading that, at least now we know that JYJ aren't closed to that option. I think the most worrying thing for fans before was not whether the situation would allow DBSK to reunite or not but whether the band members themselves still wanted to reunite. But what about HoMin? Jaejoong said that they had tried to contact HoMin but it didn't work so they had no contact with them. Now the song lyrics to "keep your head down" (which many fans speculate as having to do with JYJ) adds more weight to my worry that HoMin doesn't want to reconcile with JYJ. I'm scared, you are probably scared and the whole fanbase is probably scared as well. sad But we do have to realise that HoMin aren't as free to talk about the lawsuit, SM and the other 3 members as JYJ does because they are still under the company.

It kills me to know what they think...are they still open to getting back together as 5? It probably only takes one word from them to calm my nerves down and renew my deterioating faith in them. Unfortunately, as long as they are still under SM, they are probably not going to come out and start bagging SM or to confess their undying love to JYJ any time soon. I mean, what they publish, what they say and what they do are probably all closely monitored by SM...if HoMin could return JYJ's calls, they probably would have done so a long time ago. Cmon, SM isn't just going to sit there and allow Yunho and Changmin to talk to the other 3 members or else the 5 boys will probably have reconciled any misunderstanding existing between them within a few minutes.
Even though I think that HoMin are under as much pain as JYJ, I could be wrong. Maybe HoMin doesn't want to reunite because they decided to break off with JYJ the moment JYJ walked out the door. There are all kinds of possibilities and one may be that HoMin decided to make a comeback, referring to it as "TVXQ's second act", to show that TVXQ is now officially only 2 members. They made a new DBSK space for new membership and this space does not include the other 3 members. Furthermore, the lyrics are too harsh to start off with and many fans think that it is directed at JYJ although SM denied such intentions. Are JYJ really the two faced liars HoMin was referring to? There could be such possibilities even though I can't even start to imagine. Maybe JYJ was trying to play a sympathy card because the timing of their confession was only a day before HoMin's album release. We would never know who is right or wrong in this but we have to keep in mind that neither side is at 100% fault.

Having said that, I think that JYJ are truly sincere in their wish for HoMin's comeback to be a success. It would shock me even more if they didn't care that HoMin used DBSK's name without the other 3... the fact that JYJ are upset by HoMin's decision shows that DBSK is still in their hearts...that they still see themselves as a part of DBSK. Even though they are hurt by this decision, they still understand that HoMin might not have the full power to make these decisions. If JYJ can understand this, why can't we? Is it because we are too insecure that we think HoMin made the decision to use DBSK's name willingly? Even if HoMin did make this decision by themselves, we should think like Jaejoong. "We are thankful that they didn’t say that TVXQ is now gone. We’re going to support the two members’ comeback.” JYJ decided to support HoMin and they understood HoMin's decisions so why can't we? I think that the hidden message behind JYJ's words is that through supporting HoMin/DBSK, we are essentially supporting JYJ and their decisions.
It was never easy on HoMin and I'm sure you guys know it. JYJ can vent their anger out much more freely than HoMin. Coming to think of it, before JYJ left SM, we never really heard a great deal of personal emotion and opinion from the boys. It is still the same for Yunho and Changmin. In the recent GINGER interview, HoMin spoke out their opinion about DBSK's comeback and their experience.

How did it feel with just the two of you standing on stage?

Yunho: “When we decided to use the name of TVXQ to sing, our hearts were very confused. On the first day at Seoul, when we stood onstage, a tremendous amount of applause and cheering welcomed us, which made me deeply understand that ‘there are people who are waiting for us. I can only continue living when I stand onstage.’ These thoughts started spurting out at that moment, and I knew that I could stand up again.”
Changmin: “I was really really happy. But, when the time for us to perform came nearer, I started getting more and more nervous to the point where people around me could easily tell. Subconsciously, I started drinking coffee (laughs). This was the first time in my life that I felt so nervous. The staff must’ve been thinking, ‘are these two going to be okay?’ Compared to the external surroundings, I was mainly having an internal battle of pressure. When Yunho and I silently looked each other in the eyes, we nodded simultaneously to express ‘let’s go!’ To this day, it is still deeply engraved in my mind.”
Yunho: “We were encouraging each other backstage, saying things like ‘we need to show everyone why TVXQ is so strong!’ and ‘this is TVXQ. We want people to see our unique charm we have in contrast to the other artists.”    

From these words we can see that the decision HoMin made wasn't easy. Their choice to continue as DBSK probably took them so long that they didn't make a comeback within these two years...and their final decision has also caused frustration and confusion within their hearts. Do you see how difficult it was for them to pluck up the courage to stand up on stage again as DBSK without the other 3 members? Yunho and Changmin probably have considered long and hard about the consequences of their actions. By using DBSK to promote and sing without the other 3 band members would essentially mean that they are stating out that DBSK is now with 2 members. To worsen the situation, they can't even contact and communicate the other 3 members because of the situation they are under. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the album title and lyrics didn't help either. All these would add up to more misunderstanding and hurt between JYJ and HoMin.

JYJ probably thinks that HoMin betrayed them while HoMin are probably suffering from their own unspeakable pain. On the other hand, HoMin was probably hurt that the other 3 members went off to form their own unit, did a world tour, broke into the US and released a new album called "The Beginning" (now imagine how HoMin would have felt...they probably thought that JYJ chose "the beginning" title to symbolise their own beginning...a new beginning without HoMin. Yoochun and Jaejoong's tattoos without HoMin on it doesn't help the situation either = =) All these little misunderstanding and bitterness all builds up over time. This leads me on to the second dot point I was going to talk about. 

As some of you may already know, Junsu's message on twitter yesterday afternoon caused a great deal of distress among fans.

Kim Junsu in the afternoon on January 6th wrote in his twitter, “This can’t be true… I came to believe that the person was the enemy of all five of us, however now I think not all of us see it that way.” “Seeing how you express your gratitude to someone who was our enemy, makes me wondering… there must be a lot of things happened when we were apart for a long time. I’m getting tired.” he wrote.
He continued, “I try to think, see, and listen only to the good things from all these times, but just today I find it really difficult.” Kim Junsu also wrote, “Even though we’re apart, this isn’t right, Hyung. We used to share the same thought. Why are you doing this.” the writing seems to concern to a specific person.
JYJ fans had assumed that the tweets were messages for the two members of TVXQ.
At the new album of TVXQ after 2 years and 3 months hiatus, leader U-Know Yunho thanked to SM Entertainment Lee Soo Man at his THANKS TO note. U-Know Yunho said, “TVXQ’s second act is starting now.” The writing is taken as a message to mark the beginning of the new TVXQ.
 Prior to Kim Junsu’s tweet, Youngwoong Jaejoong changed his profile to “You keep your head up and keep an open mind” and wrote a meaningful sentence, “I’m just hoping to be. I close my eyes, ears” that drew a lot of attention.
The writing ‘Keep your head up’ is speculated to refer to the song lyrics of TVXQ’s title song ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’ that has been put the company SM Entertainment under controversies

Look, I know that after reading his messages, all of you guys probably have either gone into panic mode, depressed mode or suicidal mode...ok ok maybe not suicidal mode but at least the former two. winkyPersonally, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach after reading Junsu's thoughts. Junsu is usually the bright, optimistic and happy one out of them right? So for him to say something like that makes me feel even worse. Some fans have said that the "hyung" he was referring to might not be Yunho because Yunho isn't the only one involved in this mess. If he was to blame Yunho, he should have included Changmin as well so why would he only refer to a "hyung"? However, other fans are concerned that it is indeed Yunho because Yunho is the leader so he is expected to be responsible for DBSK's actions. Furthermore, Junsu's words about the "5 of them" and the "enemy that they were suppose to face together" enhances the possibilility that Junsu was talking about Yunho. bummed

I think that Junsu was greatly hurt by the fact that Yunho thanked the very person/people that JYJ had been trying to fight against.

It kind of feels like being betrayed right? I mean, put yourself in Junsu's shoes. Pretend if you left with another two members but HoMin supported your decision and wished you luck. You and the other two members decided to make a new "unit" because you guys believed that DBSK is only reserved for 5 people ONLY. But after a while HoMin didn't return your calls and changed their numbers. Then they remained silent and supported the company you are trying to sue. Ok...maybe you understand that they can't do anything against SM other than to support them but then one day HoMin comes out and says that they are now DBSK (with the two of them ONLY) and they are going to make a DBSK comeback without you guys. Then you realise that the lyrics might be aimed towards you....not only that, SM changes the fanbase webpage and you three are no longer a part of DBSK. wtfMaybe Junsu's reason for this outburst isn't simply to do with Yunho thanking Lee Soo Man? Maybe his outburst is associated with the all the past little events, incidents and misunderstanding which have been bottled up inside him until now and Yunho's thanks messages only serves to be the last straw? Seriously speaking, other bands and artists also thanked SM and Lee Soo's a normal thing to do for artists. HoMin are working under SM so obviously it is logical and expected for them to thank the company whether it was from their own free will or if they were made to do so.

These are only speculation but don't you think that things are a little fishy? Junsu who is usually very down to earth, truthful, optimistic and happy suddenly goes on twitter and says these words straight after HoMin's comeback....and the reason is solely due to Yunho thanking Lee Soo Man....and some people accuse Junsu of trying to ruin DBSK's comeback. Ummmmmm hrmmmmmm errrrrrrr... Are you kidding me? Many fans argue that Yunho is a loyal person so he refuses to bite the hand that fed him (SM) and that is why he thanked Lee Soo Man. Well, does anyone remember who took Yunho in to live under their roof during the trainee days when Yunho didn't have anywhere to go? JUNSU! So if Yunho is the loyal and grateful person who thanked SM/Lee Soo Man then I'm sure he is the same loyal and grateful person towards Junsu. Deep inside Yunho's heart I think Yunho knows very clearly how much Junsu means to him even if he didn't thank JYJ outright.

For goodness sake people, do you really expect Yunho to thank Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu at his THANKS to note?? Yea...maybe in our dreams but we live in reality.whatevah After all, what do you expect Yunho to thank JYJ for? the lawsuit? DBSK's hiatus? if you take a step back and think about it, during the two years of DBSK's hiatus, Changmin was the one by Yunho's side during difficulties and SM was the company that gave them some work to do so they won't rot in the corner..and now SM is the company that made DBSK's comeback. Similarly, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun also had each other to lean on in difficult times. I don't know if you have forgotten already but when Yoochun and Jaejoong released photos of their tattoos without HoMin's names on them, HoMin probably took that as a sign of betrayal. JYJ also released an album called "the Beginning". What would have HoMin thought when they found out that JYJ started debuting and made an album called "the BEGINNING"? What is the word beginning suppose to symbolise?

So now HoMin have also made a comeback called "keep your head down" and JYJ's probably going through the same confusion and bewilderment like HoMin did. Sometimes I just think that if the lawsuit didn't happen, no one would even bother with the meaning of these titles. Anyways, what I'm trying to get across is that things always have more than one side so we can't just say "JYJ are traitors for ditching DBSK and starting their own unit" or "HoMin are traitors for not leaving with JYJ and now they are using DBSK's name". If you call JYJ traitors then HoMin can also be called traitors and vice versa. There's never a right answer just like when you ask someone : Was there a chicken first or an egg first? (Do you see how fanwars start? It's almost like an endless cycle.)bummed
In my opinion, there might be endless misunderstandings between the 5 boys caused by a lack of communication. I came across an article by someone else and thought it might explain what I'm saying now in further detail.
By: Jimmie on SYC 
"To give those of you who are not familiar with the Korean idol music system and to give you all some much needed perspective on the role of SM in the JYJ and Homin split, let me tell you a story:
Once upon a time, there was a god-like idol group called HOT. They were the prototype for what would become TVXQ. In 2001, their contracts were nearing their end, but not all would end at exactly the same time. Those of the leader, Moon Heejun, and lead vocal, Kangta were slated to end slightly earlier. So, when theirs ended, the two were encouraged by their compnay, SM Entertainment, to renew their contracts and not to worry because the other three would follow. And so they did, thinking that in a few months SM would renew the contracts of the other three members. But it never happened, and because only 2 out of 3 re-signed with SM, the group officially disbanded in 2001. Moon Heejun and Kangta felt the other three abandoned them to pursue solo activities and more money. The three (Tony, Woohyuk and Jaewon) felt betrayed by the two who didn’t inform them about their intentions to stay in SM. As a result, their relationship soured, with the two sides not speaking to each other.
Ten years later, it finally came to light exactly what happened. SM had never intended to renew the contracts of the three. But they were more than happy to let Heejun and Kangta believe otherwise. So, Kangta and Heejun had no idea they were betraying their fellow members and the other three had no idea their own management was stabbing them in the back. Consequently, this intentional misunderstanding sown by SM delayed HOT’s reunion for a decade (and there’s still no official date for the reunion which is suposed to happen sometime next year). 
So, let’s not be naive….I’ve been told by people here many times that Homin’s decision to stay in SM was purely and 100% their own. But my very Korean mindset and experiences with HOT (with like 70% of Koreans in my generation, in Korea and elsewhere) lead me to heavily question this idea. In light of this, the worst thing JYJ fans can do right now is to bash Homin, and the worst thing Homin fans can do is side with SM and make excuses for that mini cooper-excuse of a company.
My last paragraph also applies to the decision to use the name ‘TVXQ’ for Homin."
That is the very point I was trying to Since none of us know what really happened with SM and the boys, we can't just blindly attack either side simply because we think that we are so knowledgeable and wise. To put it bluntly, the boys themselves probably don't even know what really happened. Do you get what I mean? In a past statement released by JYJ's families, Jaejoong's sister said that initially, the 5 boys were going to sue SM together. However, SM knew this beforehand so they tried to detain the members by persuading and talking to them INDIVIDUALLY. This tactic continued for a month and by the time the group was suppose to leave together, Changmin and Yunho changed their minds and decided to stay. Firstly, we can't be exactly sure if what Jaejoong's sister said was 100% true but there is a point to what she said. Who knows what SM said to the members back then? If SM spoke to them individually, who knows what each member heard? You never know what SM can do...they can threat, lash out and destroy anyone in their way.

SM could have even threatened the boys to shut their mouths up and to keep what SM told them individually to themselves. So if that was the case, then there was already misunderstanding between the boys. Even JYJ's families don't know the reasons to why Yunho and Changmin suddenly changed their minds.  In a recent article, Yunho's friend said that Yunho suffered from depression and drank endlessly during the lawsuit period when conflicts broke out within the group. Imagine his responsibilities! He was probably pulled forwards, backwards, left and right by his band members, family and SM and he probably doesn't even know what SM said to the other members! Trust me, just give HoMin and JYJ one day together...ALONE...and they will be together hugging and crying.laughing
I have finally reached my final point and the worst disaster that I have ever talked about.sad I'm not positive if this is 100% true but I have heard that in Korea right now, K-Cassies have started to officially SPLIT! I mean...when I first heard this, I was like "yea yea, another fanwar and fans are taking sides again blah blah blah" whatevahBut then I actually realised that this is IT. It's an OFFICIAL split.shocked Those who support JYJ are called Orions and those who support HoMin are called HolyShinki (what kind of fked up name is that?) Ok so Orion is kinda like a name for 3 stars but Holyshinki??? are they trying to combine some kind of religion with DBSK coz they are known as the "5 rising Gods of the East" like HOLY+TOHOSHINKI - TOHO= HOLYSHINKI O_o No. Just no. Dude...I've got to say that a few K-cassies over there are like mental...seriously mental. Sorry guys, but I think I'll stick with Cassiopeia rather than some made up mental and bizzare name. On the other side of things, I feel like flying over to Korea now to kick some senses into their heads. God...this is probably as worse as when I first heard DBSK's split. Now, the only chance and glue that could bring back the 5 members together are gone...gone forever just because of fans' recklessness. I mean...I seriously need to find out who decided this! It's bad enough that SM has opened a new DBSK site calling it the official DBSK page where there's only 2 members. SM is already making it hard for the boys so why the heck are fans making it even harder for them?
 1) Did Jaejoong or Junsu or Yoochun or Yunho or Changmin EVER say that they wanted Cassies to split into two fanclubs????? NO!!! I'm pretty sure that the 5 boys always sincerely wanted Cassiopeia to stay together even when they can't be together. They told us to wait and what do we do? we not only engage in fanwars but actually ended up officially separating.
2) Did Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun say that they are no longer part of DBSK anymore??? NO!!! If it's anything, these 3 guys wanted to remain as a part of DBSK more than anyone else (and they stated that themselves) and what do we do? we not only bash HoMin who are also a part of DBSK but we just perished any hope for JYJ to remain as a part of DBSK.
Did Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, Yunho or Changmin EVER say that they are competitors against each other now? NO!!! Both sides actually wished each other success and luck. Even though Yunho and Changmin used the name DBSK for their album comeback, JYJ proclaimed that they will support HoMin. JYJ's parents also said that HoMin wished JYJ success before they parted ways. And what do we do? we not only curse and attack one side but we made them drift apart even more.

A few days ago I heard a news about an actress/idol treating her fans as rubbish...she even went as far as calling them "retards" because she hated people invading her privacy. Imagine how many times DBSK would have called Cassies retards if they were just like that actress! I wouldn't be too surprised if the boys are calling us retards right now. The boys cherished us, loved us and cared for us so much that sometimes their own decisions hurt them because they know that we are hurting. They put so much pride in us because we are the most powerful and largest fanbase in the world...even making it to the Guinness World Records. Now, I'm not too sure whether Cassies still deserve that honor. After all the fanwars, fights, arguments and now the split, I wonder if we will make it into theGuinness World Records for being the most dramatic, childish and retarded fanbase....confused
Some ignorant fans are still too busy cursing either JYJ or HoMin that they do not understand that they have hurt the very ones they are supporting. Did anyone ever think...does JYJ or HoMin want this? Imagine that you are divorced yet your child is against you without knowing the truth behind the much pain would it cause you? Therefore, even though we said that we wanted to protect the boys, why are we hurting them by splitting? I understand that you may have a bias in this situation but what if the person you are supporting doesn't want you to hurt the other side? By separating, Cassies just have made the move that will cause JYJ to become more vulnerable in the face of SM and HoMin will be more threatened by hardcore JYJ fans. >_<
At least before, there was still a glue in between JYJ and HoMin, some kind of shared bond and similarity called Cassiopeia. But now, the little light which might have led JYJ and HoMin back together have been destroyed not by SM but by fans themselves. foolish are thee.  At the end of the day, the most selfish people probably are not 
JYJ, HoMin or even SM, but us!bummed  I can't even start to imagine how disappointed the boys might be in us. To the boys, Cassiopeia is a symbolism for the 5 as a unity...something that cannot be taken away or trampled on by SM. But look at us now...SM has succeeded in destroying everything which to the boys, including us. sad
Remember what JYJ sung about W?
Even when the days pass by, and that there may be pains

You are always our “PRIDE”

Under the same sky, dreaming the same dream

We are still searching for the W

We will keep your place here, until the day we can meet again

We believe that we can laugh together with you once again

The same dream which all 5 boys shared... There is no longer a "Wbecause we destroyed it ourselves. I never wanted to ever admit this but SM has succeeded in not only splitting the boys up but their fanbase as well.*sigh* Everyone, I apologise for this long entry and also for the depressing mood i've caused before I leave today, I want to leave all Cassies and readers a little note. I hope that my quote will give you some help and if it does, please pass this on.        
"Damage caused by certain decisions may be permanent. Bu
t even the deepest scars fade over time until it is difficult to see them at all, and the only thing that will remain is the memory of how painful it had been.  Your hearts may be in pain and torment and you may need someone to blame but try to remember what kept you going for so long. Hold onto that little hope no matter how fragile it might be because Cassiopeia will always exist as long as there is someone who will call themselves a Cassie"

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