Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Gift for Me ^^

Hey U!,,Happy New Year..
ahhh,,i'm using English huh?

well,remember 31 days ago what did i say?
i said it's holiday!..and no more TESL thing..
well, it's now different..T_T
it's no more HOME..
the only thing about this place is it's easier to get KPOP stuff,,
other than that,none!

i have to make a comeback to English language starting from 1/1/11
OMO,it reminded me to TVXQ comeback in 2011!..

i bet this year gave me the most memorable New Year Eve..
i get to see JYJ being given chance to make performance for the very first time..
and it's normal if Cassies cry..i did..
thank you so much KBS for giving this chance to our idol!..
U'd make SME shut their f***ing mouth!
JYJ sand Chajatha (OST of SungKyunKwan Scandal)

eventhough it's quite not right to start a new year with tears,
but believe me,it's a beautiful tear (beautiful?LOLXD)

Park Yoochun won all 3 award that he was nominated for!
Damn he's good!
-Best Newcomer Award.-for his perfect Lee Seon Jun act..^______^
-Netizen Award-chosen by korean fans
-Best couple Award along with Park Min Young..-as couple in SungKyunKwan Scandal

now,fans can dream of seeing them MORE on TV in the future..

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