Monday, January 3, 2011

Problematic period officially started..T_T

Now, I'm an undergraduate student..
this title will remain (insyaAllah) until next 4 years..

wow,my sentences,,soo geek!!..hahaha..
having to know that my classmates will change and now officially changed, it's kinda weird feeling inside me..
i don't know whether i feel sad but certainly i'm not happy..
to be in the same group of people with conquering attitude?na,that's not my choice..
but what can i do..?'s all stated on a cheap paper that my classmates are those kind of people..
i'm not saying all of them are but believe me that's what u heard of me in next 4 years..
the story of those people..
but,u know what..i've made my decision..!
i'm not letting them to tell me what should i do or what should not.
it's our class and that line means it's my class too!
(wahh,,the class haven't start yet but i already have problems..LOLXD)
oh God~

p/s- i hope that this name list will lost somewhere tomorrow and the lecturers forgot where is the soft copy..=.="..stupid hope.

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