Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lucky Draw Sukasuki2

i was tagged by NamaSamaran to join GAs..
because she had posted too many GAs,
i was thinking i'm not gonna flooded my wall with GAs just like hers..ngeh3~
so,i chose this one.
why this one?
bcoz it has the most simple rule of all!
the others got put the banner on sidebar laa..this laa..that laa..
and i don't like editting my blog..=.="
mianh (sorry) to NamaSamaran
anyone wanted to join,click below ya!heee~

Lucky Draw Sukasuki2


attoae ochre said...

hahaha. lucu2.
time kt umah rajen plop join.
duk ostel, malas kemain. =)

eT said...

salam terjah dari sukasuki...

tq join...
nyway..u r listed...
gudluck.. :)