Monday, January 3, 2011

Cacatan Jelajah Malaysia Day 5-

ok,i have to continue my story of Cacatan Jelajah Malaysia rite,eventhough it's in english..

after we woke up,and went to Shah Alam,my aunt's house....
according to plan,we should start the journey to Perlis (our hometown)
but first,we went to Pasar Tani at Seksyen 13,beside Stadium Shah Alam..
(that's is the reason why i want to go to shah alam..haha)
after buying and walking and everything,,we went to my aunt's house..
together with the feeling of fear of Demam Campak,
we did go there..
and their situation is not that bad actually..
only 1 cousin still hve the simptoms (so,i didnt go near her..haha..poor her..)
we even have lunch there!..LOL
about 3pm,we move on to sent my brother at his home,Jalan Kuching..
meantime,my mother made a very shocking suggestion!..
"we go back to perlis tomorow lah.."
believe me,that's the first time ever she had ever saying those words which meant to delay our journey to perlis!ever!!
so,the decision was made,we're staying for another day!

that evening,we went to watch movie
(remember my story when we're in Melaka?)
we watched TRON..
that night,nothing much happen,,
my mom cleaned my brother's house
bcoz it's terrible..=.="
and we cooked a very simple dish!
sardin,and telor goreng..haha..
but it was fun! has been a long time since we are all together having a dinner..huhu
so,that night we're chat and chat and chat..i was online until subuh..hahah!!!

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