Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Result Day..@_____@

today was the day called Result Day (i make this up XD)
actually the result is nothing
because it wont affect me (at all)
it wont make me drop out of maktab or what so ever
since i'm already in (degree).

so,knowing the result was just basically for the purpose of knowing how i did in exam..

well,i deserved it.
trust me,it's not good.
not at all..
the worse among my friends.
actually i didn't expect this.
i expected more but..........

well,as i wrote earlier,
it wont affect my place now,
i won't waste my time of getting sad.

perhaps,this is one of the catalyst for me to do lots better next time.
i really meant it.
and i believe i can do it.
i need support from everyone.
hope people pray for my success not for my downfall.


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